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Kenai Physical Therapy offers state of the art
Physical Therapy Services and Rehabilitation Equipment
to help you regain your health and vitality.
ALTER G Anti-Gravity Treadmill
  • Live video assessment from 3 camera angles
  • Walk sooner after surgery or fractures while maintaining your prescribed weight bearing status to avoid compensated movement patterns
  • Improve running efficiency and form while rehabilitating from an injury pain free
  • Restore balance and proprioception without the risk of falling
  • Safe to use day 1 after surgery and during pregnancy
Rehabilitative Equipment
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound
  • Infrared and laser therapies
  • Vasopneumatic Cold Compression Device
  • Rehabilitative Gym equipment
  • Saunder’s Cervical & Lumbar spine Traction units
On the pool Side:
Motion Trek ADA Pool Lift
The Motion Trek family of lifts are ADA compliant, battery-powered lifts that are self operable from the deck and water with robust operating system. Our motion Trek lift has a 400 Ib. capacity and is rotationally and vertically powered with 360 degree. continuous powered rotation. It is essential for patients with mobility problems.
Aquatic Therapy For Pregnancy:
At Serenity, our therapists have found that water increases buoyancy by as much as 90%, and many patients find it easier to stretch their lower backs. Exercises like squats and stretching are much more comfortable in the water than on land. Using flotation devices can add extra resistance to exercises.
Hudson Aquatics Underwater Treadmill With Video Option:
This treadmill is equipped with a video camera, allowing the user to observe his/her gait while exercising. This is very beneficial to people recovering from knee, hip or other lower-extremity surgery. It is very important that the patient not develop harmful gait pattern/problems. With assistance from the therapists, only a normal, healthy gait will develop and result.
Badu Inspiration Swim Jet by Speck:
This high powered unit pumps a mixture of water and air out of the underwater nozzles. Patients can swim against the current and can also benefit from directing the jets to the low back and other body areas.
Underwater Therapeutic Exercise Viewed in Real Time:
At Serenity, our video cameras are imbedded in the pool walls so patients can view their exercise on a TV monitor to be certain they are being performed properly.
Lastly at Serenity you get to enjoy: High Quality Sound System:
At Serenity, we believe that in order to provide a truly comfortable experience, a proper sound system is essential. We have installed eight Sonos 5 Speakers which provide a soft, musical environment which does not interfere with conversation between the patient and the therapist. 
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